Behind the Music

False Hearted is about fake friends and broken promises. It’s about feeling deceived and betrayed by people you trust. The overarching theme is feeling a need for vengeance after the realization that they feel no remorse for the hurt they’ve caused. The line “You’d empty me and I would let you” acknowledges my role in allowing this to happen, and this realization shapes the way I interact with people in hopes of protecting myself from further betrayal.  

Claustrophobia was conceived after a spell of writer’s block, and was written during a period of discomfort in my own skin. It opens with the line “You can’t become a new person every day,” and goes on to express that “I am imprisoned in this vessel, I can’t flee” which is about the terrible feeling of being trapped in my own body.

Hostage features lyrics that describe feeling like a hostage to the cycle of neglect. The line “Is it karma or is it fate” expresses the feeling that I might have done something to deserve this. The chorus highlights that central thought. I left the lyrics vague enough that the listener can interpret them in many ways.

Devoid is inspired by the anime Attack on Titan. The plot lines of Attack on Titan are intricate and layered, and it’s one of my favorite shows. I was watching a particularly dark episode and felt inspired to write from the perspective of a scout from the Survey Corps watching their fellow soldiers suffer.

Eclipse is about struggling with past trauma, and how those feelings never truly go away. Things that have happened years ago still haunt me and affect my thoughts and choices, and it can be really frustrating. I was actually on a call with some friends when I started to feel anxious and began to write the lyrics for Eclipse.

Blunt Force is about a friend who ended the friendship without warning. They never explained their reasoning and I was left sad and confused. After years without resolution, I wrote a song describing the anger I hold against them for hurting me.

Eye for an Eye is about a toxic friend and the pain they caused. They were manipulative and acted like the victim whenever confronted. I was really angry when I wrote this song and it’s one of my most aggressive tracks. The music video was the most fun to film out of all of my videos.

Solemn Farewell is a suicide note. It describes my feelings of emptiness and the notion that I’m never really present. I was struggling with deep depression when I wrote it. It’s my first song to feature an instrumental breakdown.

​Alternate Vision talks about my stress over how I’m perceived, and worries of not belonging. I was feeling really disconnected from the world around me when I wrote this song. It’s the first song in which I wrote the title before any of the music.

Vacant is about breaking up with my ex, and how empty I felt afterwards. It’s my only song without drums. I felt it was a fitting way to close out the EP, especially with the last line being “I’m over now.”